Virtual Learning

We now embark on resetting and refreshing our offerings in the Virtual Learning Programme

We are Calling it

“Discovery Virtual Learning Programme”

We are leading our learners on a ‘Self – Discovery Journey’

The echo I hear from all children now is

Engage me………………. Inspire me………. Challenge me ………. Teach me……………

Prepare me……………….. Believe in me……………………….

We will just do that

The programmes we have for September, October and November are going to be focused on these six elements of a child’s needs.

Engage me

Inspire me

Challenge me

Teach me

Prepare me

Believe in me


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    Early birds get a discount, register by August 15th for only Ksh. 4500/-
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Our Learning Model

The programme will focus on 3 main elements through Inquiry Based Learning Model

• Project work integrated in learning areas
• Life Skills

• Enrichment Programmes

We will now focus on
Life Skills coaching: with practical activities that the learners will do in each session

Enrichment Programmes: Practical learning e.g crocheting, musical instruments; art & craft, dance etc according to a child’s interest •

Project work Concept Learning: This will be done through project work e.g in Math, a multiplication game project, English/language a words surgery project with medical theme; and much more.

For your child not to miss out in this adventure of self discovery ,

We have some Bonuses and Early Bird Deals!

• If you register and pay by 15th of August you will pay only: Ksh 4500 • If you register and pay by 31st of August you will pay only : Ksh 5000 • If you register and pay after September 1st , you will pay : Ksh 6000 New Students and 5000 Fortune House Students

• The best discount is this, if you introduce 3 new students to the programme you will receive a discount and only pay Ksh 4000 for the next 3 months. The students need to also stay in the programme.