Unique Benefits

Christian Curriculum: Our values align with yours to help strengthen your child’s faith with our Christian curriculum

Nurturing Holistic learners: Our curriculum delivery methods enables your child to discover their strengths and giftings at an early age through the inquiry based learning.

Live Streaming Webcams: Parents have a peace of mind and stay connected to their children through our live streaming webcams and parent interactive app.

Free Meals & Snacks: NO hustle of packing lunch and snack. We provide a nutritious balanced diet in our menu.

Indoor & Outdoor Play facility: Children have plenty of room to run and exercise in our large playfields even if we have a ra

Why Choose Fortune House School

Communication and Collaboration

Is your child always telling stories ? communication and collaboration in our school is developed through creating opportunities for learners to interact with each other through group activities and providing public speaking opportunities through our character day events, school plays, and assembly activities.

Creativity and imagination

Is your child always doing things differently from how you have prescribed them? They are definitely a creative and imaginative learner. Creativity and imagination competency is developed through our core curricular activities such as clubs, art and craft lessons, music lessons and digital literacy programmes.

Critical thinking and problem solving competency

Does your child always ask why? They are a critical thinker and a logical mathematical learner. Our environment is the best for them as they will be given opportunities to ask whys, and develop solutions to problems and create and innovate. This is fully nurtured through our learning programmes.


Is your child a global learner of the 21st century?  How have you prepared them for this? At Fortune House your child will be given opportunites to appreciate their role as a Kenyan citizen and interact with the global environment as a global citizen.

Learning to Learn

Does your child want to learn by doing things? Then their learning to learn skills need to be nurtured. At Fortune House we nurture these skills through our life skills programme, curriculum experiences and social experiences. Our focus is to equip our learners with skills for life as learning is always a life long process

Self Efficacy

Does your child ask questions around who am I?   do they take responsibility of their actions and decisions they make? At fortune house school we develop programmes to enhance, decision making skills, financial literacy skills and goal setting in our learners to mould them into responsible, godly citizens for the future.

Digital Literacy

Does your child have exposure in the digital world today?  Are they aware of the different modes of research available digital and can they  carefully choose the correct information? Through our digital literacy programmes we are able to guide our learners to become global learners and ICT aware citizens and develop ways to take advantage of the resource.

Assessment Programme

Are you looking for an assessment programme that allows you to understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses  extensively? At fortune house our assessment model allows parents to identify holistic skills and capabilities of their child and in turn get to know their gifting and talents thus work at nurturing these. We look  forward to our first meeting soon.